WWII Veterans Defy Shutdown, Storm WWII Memorial

If the Nazis couldn’t keep them out of France, Harry Reid can’t keep them out of their memorial…

This morning, four busloads of World War Two veterans arrived at Washington D.C.’s WWII memorial. For some, the journey had been a difficult one. Their trip was long, all were elderly, many were wheelchair bound, and as they arrived at their destination, they were greeted by an unpleasant sight.

Barricades had been erected around the park, each bearing a sign that read “Because of the Federal Government Shutdown All National Parks Are Closed.”

One veteran shouted that “We didn’t come this far not to get in!”

With that, they ignored the warnings of National Park Police and began shoving the fences aside. Approximately 90 veterans poured into the facility while the authorities tried to contact their superiors for instructions on how to deal with the uprising. Eventually, they gave up and stood aside. The vets were allowed to tour the memorial at their leisure, while other tourists were told that the installation had been closed.

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