Woman Brags About Her Welfare, Says She Smokes Weed And Will NEVER Work

Hosts on a KLBJ radio station in Austin, Tx, had been talking about how accustomed people have become when it comes to welfare. Expressing the fact that some people would rather sit around and wait for their free check in the mail than go to work, got at least one listener upset. The listener called in to say that she would always be on welfare, and that everyone else is an idiot for doing otherwise.

The woman, who identified herself as “Lucy,” offers a different standpoint on the situation. Lucy then begins to describe why she is on welfare, and why she will never work.

The 32 year old woman lists all the support she receives, totaling over $1200 a month, and also informs the hosts that her husband also receives financial assistance but designates these funds as, “for the family.”

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