Wolf Blitzer: Maybe the GOP’s Right That Democrats Should Delay ObamaCare for a Year

If you say something like this on MSNBC, a gong sounds and a trapdoor opens beneath your feet.

The clip picks up with Blitzer but what the other guy said immediately before this is worth noting too:

“We’re also hearing now that the administration was warned about these potential problems months in advance,” Todd continued. “We spoke to a health care consultant who has clients who are insurers. He says his insurers, who dealt with the administration in the months ahead of time, had contentious meetings with people at [Health and Human Services] and other health care officials who were in charge of this, warning them, ‘This isn’t working, it’s not going to be smooth, don’t do it.’ He says those warnings were ignored, they went full speed ahead, and said we’ll work these problems out. There’s been a bit of pushback from the White House, we’ll hope to get more later from them.”

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