Will the Left Gain Control of Every Web Search?

Journalist Emily Bell, referencing the New York Times, writes that Facebook “has met with several media companies to discuss the possibility of its directly hosting their content – a shift that would fundamentally change how users access news articles on the site. … Currently, when you click on a Times article via Facebook, for example, you are sent to a page hosted on the Times’ website. Under the new proposed arrangement, you’d click a link that would load the article on Facebook itself, hypothetically reducing the load time for that content. But the change might also give Facebook more control over the content hosted on its platform.”

That Facebook, a notoriously left-of-center social media site, would seek to exert greater control over the news you consume is not a surprise. The site has already been widely panned for a variety of control-scheme issues, from the invasive permissions demanded by its once-mandatory messenger application, to the tracking of users’ browsing history even after they navigate away from Facebook, to a systematic bias against conservative groups and conservative pages. Two years ago, the site actually apologized for threatening to shut down the popular “Chicks on the Right” Facebook page for daring to post something critical of President Obama.

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