Will Obama Allow Pregnant Christian to Hang in Sudan?

I don’t care what Muslims in the US and elsewhere say, they are NOT a religion of peace and they do NOT want to live in tolerance with any other religion. Case in point is that of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is the daughter of a Sudanese father and Ethiopian mother. When she was six years old, her father left the family and she was then raised by her mother who is also a Christian. The Sudanese government however, still considered her to be a Muslim since her father was a Muslim.

Ibrahim met an American man, Daniel Wani and they fell in love and got married. Wani is also a Christian and this according to the Sudanese government is a crime punishable by death. They gave Ibrahim a choice of renouncing her Christian faith, which also includes denouncing her marriage which the Sudanese government says is illegal, or face a death sentence.

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