Why the GOP is Making a Mistake Trying to ‘Fix’ Obamacare

The Supreme Court may very well rule against Obamacare this summer, ending government subsidies for millions of Americans and forcing them to pay full cost for their healthcare needs. This would be a massive blow to the Obama administration and to the Democrat Party, but don’t worry, the GOP is trying to step in and save the day. For the Democrats that is.

A group of Republicans Senators are planning to use the possible victory as leverage against the Obama administration in an effort to push the President to end the employer mandate and the individual mandate.

Here’s what Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) had to say about the effort – “Is the president going to say, ‘Tough, I’m going to veto that?’ There will be, as part of that [deal], things we want to have happen… Since we don’t have a willing partner in the White House, the best idea for actually fixing healthcare is not things that the president isn’t going to sign. He’s not going to work with us on this. So we have to have a Republican president in 2016.”

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