Why Did The UN Just Place An Ad For A ‘Disarmament Officer’ In New York?

Many of you have already heard about the United Nations small arms treaty which effectively makes civilian gun ownership in the nations that ratify it impossible. However what many people don’t realize is that last week the UN held a conference in New York City specifically for that treaty and how to get it adopted across the world, even in America.

On June 3, just before that conference, something very peculiar happened- a job listing was posted to the UN website for a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, and the job is located in New York.

Some people would shrug this off as nothing more than coincidental and say that we shouldn’t worry. However Secretary of State John Kerry along with President Obama have both said that they want America to sign away our sovereignty by ratifying the treaty, while both have been pushing for massive gun control regulation that would eviscerate our Second Amendment rights. In fact, John Kerry has already signed the treaty and once the Senate gets enough votes it will be ratified, by the Democrats of course.

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