Why CNN is Dying: Paris Bloodbath Used to Push Gun Control

CNN is collapsing. After a bit of a resurgence under chief Jeff Zucker, the left-wing cable news network’s ratings are falling back to earth. After a year of trumpeting ratings wins over third-place MSNBC (while still getting beat like a drum by Fox News), there are fewer and fewer of those wins, and not because MSNBC is doing all that much better. Somehow, during a rather extraordinary presidential race, the ratings are going backwards, and just 90 seconds of CNN’s coverage of last night’s terror attacks can help to explain why.

My guess is that millions upon millions of Americans who, like me, once counted on CNN to cover breaking news events have, in one form or another, experienced what I did last night; not as an employee of Breitbart News, whose job it is to monitor such things, but as an everyday American concerned with the world and looking for information when it explodes.

For a few hours last night, I unplugged. It had been a long week. After the news cycle slowed down my brain needed a vacation and my arm needed to wrap itself around my pretty wife. So I turned off the computer, put away the phone, took my puppies out for some serious ball-throwing, picked up some unhealthy take-out food, popped in Michael Mann’s “Collateral,” and blissed out. And it was bliss, until I checked back in to the world around 7 p.m. Eastern.

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