Why a Loving Mother Needs to Carry a Firearm

A loving mother makes the news by fighting off a child abductor with her hands and teeth. Luckily she won.

This Associated Press story doesn’t mention any handguns, but I wish the mother had been carrying one. It took place in Norcross, Georgia: “Man tries to kidnap baby from car at McDonald’s, but mother fights him off, police say.”

Police say a man tried to kidnap a baby from a car in a McDonald’s parking lot, but her mother and another relative fought him off.

Police in the Atlanta suburb of Norcross say the family left McDonald’s on Wednesday morning. The mother buckled her 10-month-old daughter into a car seat in the back and walked to the front. Police say 19-year-old Sterlyn Reynolds then opened the back door and tried to pull the baby out. Police say the mom, the relative, and the man struggled — biting and hitting — until she freed the girl and went back inside McDonald’s.

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