Whoa! Fast Food Companies Have a BIG Surprise for $15 an Hour Advocates

So the debate on raising the minimum wage rages on. But the winners will probably not be the workers. First there was iPad, now there’s iPattie. Robots are coming to take over fast food. I mean we live in the 21st century, the age of technology. It’s simply economics and capitalism. I’m just surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

I mean when you have unions, progressives, and socialists in this country continually trying to take more of our tax money for their own special interests, it’s no wonder this is happening. I believe this would have come about even without the fight for 15 dollars an hour. We’re talking about fast food. Does it really take a chef to make a burger at a fast food joint? No, right? If a robot can put together a car, a burger can’t really be that tough.

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