White Teen Beaten By Group of Blacks & No One Mentions Race

Why are the media and everyone else afraid to charge blacks with being racist? I don’t know of any laws that state only Caucasian people can be guilty of racism and not blacks.

Just look at the media from around the nation. Everyone focuses on any incident involving a Caucasian person, especially a police officer, and black victim. They are so focused on the racial issue that they appear to be completely blind to the fact that in most of these cases the so-called black victim was a criminal and resisting arrest or failing to comply with the police officers.

Yet there are many incidents of blacks attacking, beating, raping and murdering Caucasians that never make the news. When it does make the news, everyone is afraid to state the obvious that the crime was racially motivated.

Take the case that just happened in Norwood, Ohio where a group of seven black teens began harassing and threatening Caucasians in a neighborhood. Kim Watkins said they started to threaten her son so she went out to stop it. In her own words she told the local media:

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