White House Pressuring Army to Let Deserter-Bergdahl Go Free

As incredible as it may sound, the Obama Administration is putting pressure on The Army to let deserter Bowe Bergdahl go free after earlier reports he would be charged with Desertion.

Maj. Gen. Ronald F. Lewis, the Army’s chief of public affairs, put out a statement Tuesday afternoon calling the reports, including one by NBC News, “patently false.”

“To be clear there have been no actions or decisions on the Sgt. Bergdahl investigation,” he said. “The investigation is still with the commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command who will determine appropriate action — which ranges from no further action to convening a court martial.”

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Bergdahl2Why would Obama, after making the worst trade for Bergdahl’s return to the U.S. since the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth – let a deserter and traitor walk? They aren’t going to court-martial him and instead give him full pay, benefits AND a promotion? … oh brother.

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