White House: Obama Will Veto Bills That Would Prosecute Infanticide and Defund Planned Parenthood

This week the White House released a statement of administration policy indicating that President Obama would veto both H.R. 3134 (a one year ban on funding for Planned Parenthood, which the House just passed) and H.R. 3504 (a bill to criminalize overtly killing babies born alive or neglecting to provide them care when they are accidentally born alive).

While it wasn’t a surprise to anyone who knows President Obama’s abortion-loving stance, it still seems shocking that the White House could stand in the face of blatant evidence and blindly support Planned Parenthood. But that’s just what it did. Sounding as if it took its information from Planned Parenthood, the memo continues to show that Planned Parenthood is leading this country on issues of abortion, in proxy of the President, who has acquiesced his job to the abortion giant.

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