White House Illegally Changes ObamaCare Deadlines. Again.

The Washington Post reported that “Obamacare’s deadlines are changing. Again.” Not accurate. The White House ischanging the ObamaCare deadlines arbitrarily and illegally – again.

Here’s what WaPo “reported“:

With deadlines fast approaching and some HealthCare.gov shoppers still stuck, the Obama administration is proposing new ways to guarantee coverage to those hoping to gain insurance in January.

Health and Human Services announced Thursday some additional flexibility for those still hoping to buy coverage — and many more steps that the agency urged, but did not require, health insurers to take.

Just like with gymnasts, “flexibility” is a good thing. The problem is that we’re talking about a mandate being foisted upon the American people by an overbearing goverrnment. Dictators issue rules about “flexibility,” because that pretty much implies conform – or else.

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