White House Expected to Issue More Illegal Gun Control Executive Orders within Weeks

Well, we can expect to hear about guns and illegal executive orders and legislation from now until January 2017 unless someone is willing to do what is necessary to deal with the usurper-in-chief. In keeping with his promise to give “sustained attention” to gun control in his final year in office, Obama, via White House communications director Jen Psaki, has said that it will be a matter of weeks until he, once again, illegally acts against the Constitution and the rights of gun owners.

Psaki told Bloomberg that the issue of gun violence is “probably the issue that has touched him most personally over the course of his presidency.”

For the record, men with ideologies like Barack Hussein Obama do not have an issue with “gun violence.” They train, fund and arm Islamic jihadis, who engage in gun violence and knife violence all the time! They have an issue with guns!

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