When it Comes to Religious Liberty… Republicans are COWARDS

Can we reason together honestly for a second, folks?

Did anyone really think that when the Republicans moved forward on religious liberty that they would continue doing so, even in the face of opposition? If you did… then you really haven’t been paying attention to the GOP in recent years. Folding is what these Republicans do best. Over at the Federalist, David Harsanyi has written an epic takedown of the Republican’s recent weakness on religious liberties.

What excuse does Mike Pence have for flubbing a simple question about discrimination on national television last Sunday? What’s his excuse for pledging to “fix” a law that’s already straightforward, innocuous, and ubiquitous? He’s not alone, of course. When Arkansas legislators passed the same bill by a wide margin (what the media calls “controversial”), Gov. Asa Hutchinson threw it back to lawmakers and asked them to rework it to guarantee that the make-believe concerns of his MoveOn.org-mimicking son could be “fixed.”

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