What We Should Learn from American Dental Tourism in Mexico

American dental tourism in Mexico saves U.S. citizens thousands of dollars.

A friend of mine lived in the Seattle area in the early nineties. His experience was that people were constantly driving up to Vancouver, British Columbia, to get laser eye correction procedures. The circumstances that made this such a great deal were as follows: 1) Laser eye surgery was not covered by the Canadian “single payer” (i.e. government funded or socialist) healthcare system. 2) Laser eye surgery was covered by many insurance policies in the United States.

The first fact explained why laser vision correction was so cheap in Canada. People were offering the service in a free market context. This drove them to offer the best service at the best price possible. The second fact explained why so many found vision surgery too expensive in the United States. Insurance drove up the price so that, if you didn’t have the insurance, you found the procedure was expensive.

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