WH Official Confesses Obama’s Energy Policy Will Cause Electricity Rates to Skyrocket

The Obama Administration’s rules requiring “clean coal” technology in power plants could increase electricity costs by 70 percent to 80 percent in some parts of the country. That admission was made to a Congressional committee by Julio Friedmann, the deputy assistant Secretary of Energy in charge of “clean coal” technology.

“At a coal gasification facility, the cost of electricity may be increased by 40 percent; at a pulverized coal power plant, by upwards of 80 percent,” Rep. Tim Murphy (R.-Pennsylvania) said of technologies designed to reduce air pollution from coal burning power plants. “This is what DOE’s own documents tell us.”

New rules mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency require the use of such technology. Friedmann acknowledged Murphy was right, saying it would increase “70 or 80 percent.”

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