We’re Being Conditioned to Accept Martial Law

As I reflect back upon my own youth, I try to compare the world that I lived in when I was 10 yrs. old to the world that my oldest child, now almost 10, has to confront as she matures into young adulthood. The differences between the two eras are stark, as my biggest concern was making it home before the streetlights came on; now, sadly, we may be in a point in history where we’re being conditioned to accept Martial Law.

My personal opinion about the Martial Law scenario is that it would be almost impossible with the number of troops currently enrolled in the US military. I am not a tactical expert, nor a military expert for that matter, but I figured out basic math some time ago. Additionally, I read a report late last year by an MIT professor who ran some numbers and concluded that it would take about 25,000 troops just to secure Seattle. I have searched and searched for the article to reference, but I cannot find it as of this writing.

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