Want to Stay On Facebook? Insulting Islam May Get You Banned

I’ve been a part of the Facebook group “Stop Islamization of America” for at least two years now. The group itself has existed since May of 2011.

In a back-and-forth in the comments section of something posted to the group’s page, I said in response to someone that Islam’s goal has always been a bad one.

It was a much milder thing than the other people had said, and doesn’t even compare to what is regularly said on that group’s page.

But the next time I went to sign in to Facebook, I got a pop-up notice that said that I had recently posted something that violated their Community Guidelines, and that I was suspended from Facebook for 12 hours.

But 24 hours later, I was still banned. It wasn’t until a total of 36 hours had passed that I was allowed back on Facebook. And even then, I still was not allowed to post anything anywhere, including on my own page. So I’m effectively still banned.

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