Walmart Raises Minimum Wage for 100,000 Employees, Stores Begin Closing, Workers Let Go

It’s almost become silly to state, but in yet another case of we told you so, the evidence is clear with just how harmful raising the minimum wage really is to all Americans.

Why is it hard to comprehend that stores and businesses will lay people off, cut their hours, and bring up the prices of goods if low skilled workers are making the same amount per paycheck as someone a couple years out of college?

If everyone earns one million dollars annually, wouldn’t you figure even a 900 sq. ft. house will start to cost two, three, four million? Well, use that analogy for EVERYTHING!

Underneath all the bogus activism from the Left is the fact that most liberals know that raising the minimum wage isn’t smart, but in the end what matters to them is that we become a more social nation – which means everyone suffers together.

Though, of course, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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