Virginians Refuse to Turn in Confederate License Plates, Defying GOV’s Order

Following the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this year, people lost their minds over the Confederate flag. The emblem, which represented states’ rights and Southern heritage, the last bastion of freedom in America, was attacked and maligned. Even landmarks and confederate graves were in the crosshairs of Marxists and cowardly Republicans who failed to stand up for America’s heritage. One of those attacking our heritage was Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who decided to remove Virginia license plates that contained the Confederate flag on them. He even warned those who purchased the tags that they had till October to turn in the plates, but owners had a word for McAuliffe, “No!”

WDTN reports on those who are refusing to turn in their plates:

Kevin Collier of Suffolk is a commander of the Stonewall Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He received a letter last month telling him he had until October 4 to swap out his Confederate flag license plate with a new one without the flag, provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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