Video: Judge Pirro & Col. Shaffer Mourn Our Enemy’s Victorious Gitmo Release

Lt Col Tony Shaffer joins the ranks of the multitudes denouncing this five for one deal that included two members of al-Qaeda senior leadership back to wage war on America.

He says America lost all of our leverage, saying that one of the things that had been discussed was using these high-level detainees in various ways to achieve our objectives, including opening negotiations to end the war. That opportunity is now lost forever.

Shaffer says there are two reasons why this deal was wrong. Two of the five are also al-Qaeda, and rather than make a deal for each, we gave away all of our bargaining chips in one sloppy deal.

Shaffer says that other options existed, such as a raid similar to that claimed to have been used to get Osama bin Laden. The Obama regime was fearful of that method, because it would have involved American forces going into Pakistan.

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