VIDEO: CNN Editor Compares Muslims in France to Blacks in Ferguson

In a laughably ludicrous diatribe, CNN’s religion editor explained his startling belief that France was to blame for the recent slate of terrorists attacks at the hands of Islamic jihadists.

On Wednesday, CNN religion editor Daniel Burke compared the plight of Muslims in France to that of blacks in Ferguson, Missouri- two groups who the left is quick to allege are downtrodden.

When Burke was asked if the supposedly-poor treatment of Muslims in France played a role in the terrorist attacks, Burke responded,

“I think it’s kind of like what we saw in Ferguson. That this was a kind of, in some ways, the tinder that lit the spark, but the embers were already burning. There is a prevailing feeling in France among many Muslims that they are not treated as part of the state at large. France has a very proud, very long secular history, and it’s not always done the best of integrating any of its religious minorities, French Muslims included.”

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