Chris Matthews Predicts Democrats Will Lose the Senate in 2014

Chris Matthews had some bad news for Democrats on Morning Joe today: “They’re going to lose the Senate.” Based on the results of this week’s special election in Florida, in which Republican David Jolly beat Democrat Alex Sinkby running against the Affordable Care Act, Matthews said the left is in trouble.

Joe Scarborough set Matthews up by suggesting 2014 could look a lot more like 2010 than 2012, with a very different pool of voters who are not as friendly to President Barack Obama. Just like that midterm election year, Obamacare could be the deciding factor for many of them.

“The Democrats are in kind of a conciliatory, soft mood. They want to negotiate, they want to make deals across the aisle, they want to fix Obamacare,” Matthews explained. “On the Republican side, it’s much harder. They want to get rid of Obamacare plain and simple and they don’t want to negotiate so much.”

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