US Welcomes 19 of Nigeria’s Muslim Governors but Blocks Visa of Lone Christian Gov

I’ve reported for over a year now about the brutal slaughter of over a thousand Christians by radical Muslims in Nigeria.  Like many nations in the area and in the Middle East, Nigeria is predominately Muslim.  There is a significant Christian population that lives in the northern regions of the African nation.  However, Nigeria’s Muslims are determined to eradicate their country of any and all Christians.

In mid-November last year, Ann Buwalda, Executive Director of Jubilee Campaign said that around 1,200 Christians had been killed in northern Nigeria.  She didn’t say how many more had been wounded in the attacks, but surely it was several thousand.

While thousands of Christians are being attacked, beaten, raped, burned and murdered, the United States government has sat by silently.  The only condemnation they have made is against Nigeria’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Our government is quick to condemn the actions of Christians, Jews and others, but are extremely hesitant to say the slightest word against Obama’s Muslim buddies.

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