Understand Just How Badly We Were Sold Out by the Ryan Spending Bill, and Why

Conservative outlets all over are blasting the Paul Ryan-led omnibus bill for a total sell-out of conservative voters. Breitbart calls it a betrayal of America. Rush Limbaugh concurred, using language even more vulgar.

Reading through their reasonings and rantings, one can gather just how badly we have been sold out. But you would not see the depth of it, actually. The depth of this depravity can be judged merely by analyzing the vote as it was taken in the House.

The record vote reveals that only three (count them—3) Republicans opposed the bill. That means that virtually the entire clan of so-called “Liberty caucus” conservatives supported the sell-out.

But it gets worse. 77 Democrats voted for this bill specifically because Paul Ryan went out of his way to court their vote (with late-night, secret deals reminiscent of the ObamaCare passing). Ryan not only sold out conservatives on Trillions in spending and new deficits, but virtually rubber-stamped Obama’s executive orders, his regionalism program to back-door annex suburbs by major urban centers (the Alinskyite-activists’ dream for years), funds Planned Parenthood, and funds a variety of other miscreant bureaucratic measures (including increased funding for activist bureaucracies in the Department of Education, as well as slipping in an internet spying amendment, among others.

What’s so bad about Democrats supporting this bill? Wouldn’t we expect them to, naturally? Not exactly. Actually, 106 of them opposed the Republican-led bill.

What the numbers reveal is that Paul Ryan (or the Republican establishment in general) actively courted Democrat votes when they didn’t need them. Apparently, Ryan and company wanted so badly to present this bill as “bipartisan” that he caved seriously on a number of leftist issues just to woo a couple handfuls of Democrats.

And that’s the sickest part of this sick bill. 241 Republicans voted “yes.” This means that it would have passed the House on purely Republican lines. That’s troubling enough in itself considering the spending and debts issues, but it’s absolutely sickening when you consider that they could have passed it without funding Planned Parenthood—and yet the chose to do so.

They could have passed it without a huge number of the leftist measures that were added to it. And yet they chose to add them anyway. And for what? A photo-op that looks “bipartisan.”

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