UN: ISIS Selling, Crucifying and Burying Children Alive in Iraq

Does it seem like a new story of ISIS atrocities makes itself known each new day? It feels that way for me. I am getting so tired of reading about all of the new and horrible way s ISIS is finding to torture and destroy humanity in the Middle East. In a very real sense they are torturing our planet, even as these real people in Syria and Iraq face the crushing blows of radical Islam.

Which is why I keep writing about it. And it’s why I hope that you’ll keep reading about it.

We can’t ever become inured to the horrors pouring out of Iraq and Syria because there are real people suffering very real and violent deprivations at the hands of these ISIS thugs. There is a scene from the movie Hotel Rwanda that really haunts me. It is one of the reasons I make a conscious effort to pay attention to the news everyday, even though so much of it hurts to see.

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