UN Demands $100 Billion Per Year For Climate Change Slush Fund; Obama Agrees

It’s not enough that the big-eared emperor is parading around without any clothes on, he and his comrades are engaging in an orgy of power lust and greed right in front of us. Look away kids and take the dogs to the back yard. There’s no telling where this could end up.

The extortionist panhandler that goes by the title of UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has been on a fundraising tour on behalf of the emergency that doesn’t exist, holding out his tin cup in the creation of the mother of all slush funds.

Just like a whiny soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Ban is taking his $100 billion dollar message of “but you promised” to anyone willing to listen and donate other people’s money in exchange for a piece of his action.

On Saturday he appeared at an International Monetary Fund event in Washington. It’s a natural that one who will need a distribution network for large sums of slushy cash would promote his scam at one of their events.

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