Tylenol Promotes Homosexuality in New Commercial — Norman Rockwell Style

Wal-Mart is a good example of this sort of corporate dichotomy: It’s a member of the Campaign for Fair Food, which advocates for higher wages and decent working conditions for tomato pickers; on the other hand, it’s been under fire for paying wages so low many of its workers rely on public assistance. Cheerios and Honeymaid have faceds concerns about genetically modified organisms and the health quotient of packaged food in general.

With “What Matters Most,” Tylenol is not only normalizing and making universal rituals among underrepresented groups. It’s tapping into consumers’ desire to align themselves with particular companies in order to make statements about themselves or their values. We might have witnessed the most extreme example earlier this year when the electronic vehicle spat between Ford and General Motors played out in rival commercials.

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