Trump: ‘Would I Approve Waterboarding? You Bet You’re A**…’

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is at it again, agitating the nation with his larger-than-life rhetoric. During a rally for Trump in Ohio on Monday evening, the candidate discussed a recent question he was asked by the media about how he would confront the war on terror, if he were President. Trump’s answer is both pure gold and pure Trump.

“This morning they asked me a question, ‘Would you approve waterboarding?’ Would I approve waterboarding? And I said, ‘Well, let me ask you a question.

On the other side, they chop off our young people’s heads and put them on a stick. On the other side, they build these iron cages, and they’ll put 20 people in them and they drop them in the ocean for 15 minutes and pull them up 15 minutes later.’

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