Top Gun Companies Boycott California

Smith & Wesson and the Sturm Ruger company have decided they’ve had enough with California and their draconian laws and will officially stop selling their firearms in the state due to the new microstamping law that has been implemented, affirming the fears of gun owners that the measure will greatly diminish the availability of handguns as manufacturers refuse to comply.

Microstamping is the process of engraving a serial number on the end of a firing pin that strikes the primer in a gun. It’s a new technology that uses lasers to cut the number into the metal of the pin which then gets imprinted on to the metal of the primer in a bullet casing.

Proponents of microstamping believe that it can be used to trace a gun back to its owner if it’s used in a crime. Each gun has a unique number attached to it that would be registered with the serial number of the gun at the point of sale, then when a bullet is found at the scene of a crime the number can be recovered from the casing, run through a database, and the owner found. That’s the theory behind it anyways, and it’s that theory that has caused California to implement a law requiring all new firearms to have their firing pins microstamped, the first of its kind in the nation.

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