Top Democrat Blasts Obama Regime for ‘Always Demonizing the Opposition’

Former special counsel to former Democrat President Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis, who is now heading Hillary Clinton’s so-called “Truth Squad” in regards to Benghazi, lambasted the Obama regime for constantly demonizing their political opponents, rather than arguing based on issues.

Appearing on Washington D.C.’s NewsChannel 8′s “NewsTalk” program, Davis specifically called out the Obama communications team for always being “on the attack” and for “always demonizing the opposition.”

“The communications shop has been defensive, on the attack, always demonizing the opposition,” he told the host.

When asked the “duh” question “what they could they do different” to better serve Obama, Davis responded, “Stop attacking. I watched Dan Pfeiffer on the Sunday shows. All he did was attack, attack, attack. And say well, ‘they want to impeach him.’ Well, no, they really don’t want to impeach him. It’s the cynical spin that I hear from the White House communications shop.”

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