The Putin/Obama Phenomenon: James Bond vs Steve Urkel

It’s not hard to tell that there is a power struggle that is going on between Obama and Vladimir Putin, and the world has taken notice. There has been a strange sort of respect going on for a communist dictator who would otherwise be trashed in the eyes of free Americans. Could it be that Americans think so little of Obama, that a Dictator could win their hearts?

On one hand you have the former KGB agent, Putin, who is seen as an uber masculine machine and a picture of physical strength and stamina. Photos have surfaced on the internet with him (shirtless) riding on the back of a horse and a photoshopped grizzly bear in the wild; an image that would suggest he’s a real manly man. He is a proud Russian with a large ego and is precise about what he says and means and does what he says he will do.

On the other hand, you have Obama, the former community organizer, who is seen as a mom-jeans-wearing “Steve Urkel” type. Instead of horses and bears, he prefers a Daisy 3 speed bike and a safety helmet as his means of transportation. Instead of shooting big-boy guns, Obama tries his hand at golf, being sure to strike a pose for the paparazzi cameras watching.

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