The Next Racist Thing: Eating Tacos

Eating tacos is racist. If you didn’t know that, you’re a racist.

That’s the message that the liberal pantywaists at colleges across the country are telling the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

According to The College Fix:, “Every year across the nation, Pi Beta Phi sorority chapters host all-you-can-eat ‘Pi Phiesta’ taco bar fundraisers at their respective campuses to raise money for charity.”

But who cares about charity when a few Latino students are being offended that whites are enjoying their cuisine?
In the past few weeks, pressure from a handful of Latino students at two high-profile universities who complained the events are offensive prompted dramatic changes to two “Pi Phiesta” fundraisers.

At Dartmouth College, the fundraiser was cancelled outright, and at Stanford University, the sorority girls scrapped their Mexican themed “Pi Phiesta” for a summery, ocean-themed one, although they still served tacos.

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