The New Media Saved the Day at the Bundy Ranch

There is an old saying that used to apply to the news media, “If it bleeds it leads.”

In other words, the news media loves to sell sensationalism. Remember the cry on the streets back when the local newspaper was king?

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” That was what the newspaper man barked as he peddled his papers filled with the latest news “hot off of the presses.”

That is where the media got its name, you know…the press…it came from the idea of pressing type onto paper. The “print press” is almost dead, buried by social media and the instantaneous “publishing” of information on the net. Today’s newspaper carries yesterday’s news.

I thank God it is dying. Long live the First Amendment and the new media.

What is the “new media?” Why, it is nothing more than a smart phone with access to the internet. The recent events at the Bundy Ranch revealed the power of this new form of communication.

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