“The Exorcist” Author: Obama Admin Backs “Demonic Acts”

It is somewhat shocking to find the man that created the book that served as the basis for one of the scariest movies in Hollywood history is a serious, practicing Catholic who is sickened by abortion. After all, few in Hollywood are people of faith. But author and screenwriter William Peter Blatty is unapologetic about his deep faith.

Before mega blockbusters like Jaws, Star Wars, or ET, The Exorcist had audiences around the world flocking to theaters to witness the scariest movie ever produced. Many today feel that the William Friedkin directed picture is still the scariest movie of all time.

But did you know that the writer of the film, William Peter Blatty, is a serious, practicing Catholic who is so serious about his faith that he’s even trying to get the Vatican to revoke his alma mater’s Catholic charter because the school has strayed too far from the faith?

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