The Big NC ‘Gun Turn-In’ Event Nets a Plastic BB Gun and a Hunting Knife

GREENSBORO, North Carolina – A recent ‘gun turn-in’ event sponsored by the police department didn’t quite get the results many liberals were hoping for.

This time, the events organizers decided not to offer cash or gift cards for the weapons turned in – only a chance to know that you were getting an evil gun off the streets. They also asked attendees to also sign a pledge of non-violence.

Time-Warner Cable reported:

Almost 1000 people took “A Pledge of Non-Violence” Saturday at Destiny Christian Center in Greensboro.

This was to show their commitment to safety across the Gate City.

Gun owners also turned in unwanted firearms and ammunition at the event.

Signing the pledge and turning in weapons was spurred, in part, by an increase in gun violence across the city.

A report by Time-Warner Cable News tried to put a positive spin on things by noting that ‘almost 1,000 people’ responded to take the pledge, leading one to believe that 1,000 firearms had been turned in, but this was hardly the case. As evidenced by the footage accompanying the story, the gun turn-in apparently resulted in a single BB pistol and a single sheathed hunting knife being taken off the streets.

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