Thanks to Michelle Obama, Chick-fil-A Banned from School

Socastee High School is saying goodbye to Chick-fil-A thanks to the nutritional guidelines for all schools as determined by Michelle Obama, who incidentally does not have a degree or even a certificate in nutrition. As a result of this change, not only will students not experience the tasty goodness that is Chick-fil-A, students in the Department of Special Education will be made to suffer the loss of their main fundraiser for field trips.

EAGNews reports that Socastee Principal Paul Browning said that the school will come into compliance with Michelle Obama’s guidelines, but it will amount to being able to sell pine bark and flavored water with extremely limited options for what students can purchase during the school day.

The director of food services for Horry County Schools, Laura Farmer, said, “We’re feeding the trash cans.” Unsatisfied with the new lunch offerings, students are throwing away the food and many have opted not to buy lunch at school, period. Both have resulted in a financial loss for the school district.

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