Texas to Pass Bill to Protect Clergy Who Refuse to Perform Homosexual ‘Marriages’

As we watch the fight for “marriage equality,” or sodomite unions, it is hard not to see the way the road is curving. If we look, we can easily see where this is going to take us in the end. It should also be very clear that this is not by mistake or consequences. This road is meant by the sodomites to lead us straight to the Church. So, Texas senators are seeking to preempt the effects on the clergy.

Christian News reports:

The Texas Senate has approved a bill that would protect pastors from legal action if they refuse to officiate same-sex ceremonies.

Sen. Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) presented S.B. 2065, entitled “Freedom of Religion with Respect to Recognizing or Performing Certain Marriages.”

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