Ted Nugent Calls For Obama, Clinton To Be ‘Hung’ Over Benghazi ‘Treason’

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent posted on his Facebook Wednesday that he thought Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama should be “hung” over the Benghazi attacks.

Nugent, who sits on the board of the National Rifle Association and is known for his out-there political commentary, wrote in the lengthy post that the “America destroying government killed 4 Americans in Benghazi” and called for Obama and Clinton to be “tried for treason & hung.”

The aging rocker had been forced to apologize (sort of) in 2014 after calling Obama a “chimpanzee” and a “subhuman mongrel.” But he used similar language in Wednesday’s Facebook post, wondering “what sort of chimpass punk” would issue a stand-down order during the Benghazi attacks. Nugent devoted several paragraphs of the post to resurfacing the debunked claim that the CIA instructed military that could’ve helped defend the Benghazi compound to stand down, even though a congressional committee formed to investigate the attacks found no evidence of a stand-down order.

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