Ted Cruz to Sign Up for Obamacare; Dems Gloat

Only two days into his official presidential campaign, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has libs aflutter after announcing during a CNN interview Tuesday that he will enroll his family in Obamacare.
Which means rhe first announced candidate for the Republican nomination for 2016 is already giving Democrats a lesson in following the law.

Naturally, they’re not getting it.

The key here is Cruz’s answer to CNN’s Dana Bash explaining why he’s taking part in a law that he’s staked much of his national reputation on repealing.

“I believe we should follow the text of every law, even [a] law I disagree with,” Cruz said. “It’s one of the real differences — if you look at President Obama and the lawlessness, if he disagrees with a law he simply refuses to follow it or claims the authority to unilaterally change.”

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