Teachers of Third-Largest Wisconsin School District Vote to Decertifiy Union

Teachers in Kenosha, Wisconsin have voted to decertify their union, putting a halt to the organization’s ability to bargain with the state on behalf of educators.

Kenosha teachers took advantage of the opportunity to jettison the union after Governor Scott Walker’s successful implementation of Act 10, a law that limits what unions can bargain for on behalf of members.

In accordance with Act 10, unions must re-certify with members each year, and the deadline for recertification was August 30. Teachers in two of the state’s other large districts, Milwaukee and Janesville, successfully re-certified, but members shot down the Kenosha union bid.

Kenosha, a city just south of Milwaukee, is the third largest school district in the state.

Since Act 10 took effect, union membership in Wisconsin has dropped from 13.3 percent to 11.2 percent.

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