Whoppi Goldberg Slams Pro-Life Celebrity

Despite its many panelists, ABC’s The View has always pushed one view, and it certainly has never been conservative or pro-life. So imagine how the ladies at the liberal talk show reacted when actor Kelsey Grammer posted a photo of himself wearing a pro-life shirt to his Instagram account last week. The ensuing confusion over a Hollywood elite having a different view than their own left the panel dumbfounded Monday. The t-shirt Grammer wore was designed by pro-life advocacy group Abort73, Read more […]

Rick Santorum Shuts Down Whoopi Goldberg on Planned Parenthood

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum corrected Whoopi Goldberg’s misconception that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms as one of their services, on Wednesday’s “The View.” “I’m for reallocating every dollar that goes to Planned Parenthood and put them in women’s health centers that actually provide more comprehensive services than Planned Parenthood does,” Santorum said. “Planned Parenthood, for example, doesn’t provide mammograms.” Goldberg tried to correct Read more […]