Putin Hammers Obama for Fairytale Politics!

As airstrikes in Syria heat up, so too has the rhetoric from both sides. The Obama administration claims that Putin’s military, which now include the globally feared Spetnatz special operations teams, are attacking rebel forces opposed to Syria’s President Assad. Russia, on the other hand, says that the so-called rebels are actually ISIS terrorists that have been funded and armed by America. These comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin responding to a U.S. journalist are essential watching Read more […]

Is Putin Winning?

ONCE again, Vladimir Putin is on the move in ways the Obama White House did not anticipate. Once again, American foreign policy analysts can’t agree on whether he’s acting out of brilliance or desperation. Is Putin’s bombing campaign in Syria a geopolitical masterstroke? Is he filling a regional vacuum, creating a new Baghdad-Tehran-Damascus-Moscow axis, demonstrating the impotence of American foreign policy? Is his strategy of provocation putting NATO on the ropes? Or is Putin actually acting Read more […]

The Putin/Obama Phenomenon: James Bond vs Steve Urkel

It’s not hard to tell that there is a power struggle that is going on between Obama and Vladimir Putin, and the world has taken notice. There has been a strange sort of respect going on for a communist dictator who would otherwise be trashed in the eyes of free Americans. Could it be that Americans think so little of Obama, that a Dictator could win their hearts? On one hand you have the former KGB agent, Putin, who is seen as an uber masculine machine and a picture of physical strength and Read more […]