White House: We Have No Backup Plan if Obamacare Fails

Obamacare is already failing worse and sooner than even its harshest opponents ever imagined. Millions of people are losing their coverage — even those with pre-existing conditions. Businesses are not hiring; workers are having their hours cut back, if they are not outright losing their jobs. Doctors, unions, and entire states are rejecting the law. Young people, upon whom the law’s “success” depends, are openly calling for Obamacare to be repealed. That is not to even mention the disaster Read more […]

Sticker Shock: Facebook Posts Reveal the True Horrors of Obamacare Costs

Though Obamacare has only just begun, the American people are already displaying their displeasure such as this Facebook post about the reality of Obamacare setting in and what it means to your family and checkbook. A post on GLP shares what we have to look forward to with Obamacare and even more so, what happens when we choose not to opt in. You can see a screenshot of the Facebook post below as well as a video below from Christopher Greene on the emerging horrors of Obamacare. I just saw a repost Read more […]