Dem Congresswoman Promises to ‘Give’ Obama Executive Orders to Sign

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said that she will “give President Obama a number of executive orders he can sign” through the new Congressional Full Employment Caucus. She said signing executive orders “should be our number one agenda.” The Full Employment Caucus was created by Democrats in response to “the ongoing jobs crisis in America.” On January 29, the Texas Rep. spoke to fellow Democrats and announced the launching of the Full Employment Caucus. She said, “We will be Read more […]

Ted Cruz: The Imperial Presidency of Obama is a Threat to All Americans

Of all the troubling aspects of the Obama presidency, none is more dangerous than the president’s persistent pattern of lawlessness, his willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat. On Monday, Mr. Obama acted unilaterally to raise the minimum wage paid by federal contracts, the first of many executive actions the White House promised would be a theme of his State of the Union address Tuesday night. The president’s taste for unilateral action Read more […]