Michelle Obama’s “Success” In Reducing Childhood Obesity Never Happened

If you were reading me in January, you might remember how shocked I was by a claim (one of many false claims) that President Barack Obama made in his state of the union speech. I wrote, “If The President Can Credit Michelle Obama With Lowering Childhood Obesity, Then He can Get Away With Anything.” I know there were much more dangerous and important things said in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, but one relatively minor claim completely surprised and shocked me. As Read more […]

What Did Michelle Obama Just Say?

The first lady gave a speech at a Miami health care center today, congratulating those in attendance who have signed up for the national health care plan and thanking those who are working as counselors. She should be more careful with her phrasing… “You’re changing lives. You realize that. … Keep it up,” she said, affectionately squeezing counselor Suze Diogene’s shoulder. Before leaving, the first lady reflected on her time serving on the board of a community health center in Chicago, Read more […]