Jim Webb is Clearly the Best Choice for Democrats

Perhaps the most important clarifying moment of the Democrat debate came when the Democrat candidates named the enemies they are most proud to have made. Lincoln Chafee: The Coal Lobby, because he’s worked so darned hard to fight against Climate Change. Martin O’Malley: The National Rifle Association, because he’s worked so darned hard to take away Americans Constitutional liberties. Bernie Sanders: Wall Street and the Pharmaceutical Industry Hillary Clinton: The NRA, the Health Read more […]

New Daily Show Host Mocks the Democrat Debate!

Trevor Noah tonight couldn’t help but laugh at a lot of what went down at last night’s Democratic debate, especially with the candidates not polling so well. He mocked Hillary Clinton for playing the gender card to tout her outsider status and asked if, really, the only difference between her and President Obama is “different parts.” But his strongest barbs were aimed at Lincoln Chafee, who had the “worst night of his life” from his awkward defense of a vote on something he now Read more […]