The Fight for the New Speaker of the House isn’t Chaos – it’s Democracy

The free-for-all over choosing a new House speaker isn’t chaos; it’s democracy. The Republicans have decided to have a little bit of authentic democracy within their party, and polite Washington is flipping out. John Boehner decided that he no longer wants to be speaker of the House, or a member of Congress, so he is retiring. This in itself confuses and vexes official Washington: Why would a man who worked so hard in his life, rising from very modest origins to become the second-most-powerful Read more […]

GOP Leader Withdraws from Speaker of the House Consideration!

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has abruptly pulled out of the race for Speaker of the House on the same day that he was widely expected to be nominated for the position. The nominating contest in the GOP conference set for Thursday afternoon in the House has been postponed. It was not immediately clear why McCarthy, who was viewed as the likely successor to outgoing speaker John Boehner, unexpectedly exited the contest. He told colleagues in a private conference meeting that he was not Read more […]

Ted Cruz Explains what Really Happened with John Boehner

There were cheers among conservatives over the news that John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress. But Rep. Boehner could do a lot of damage in 30 days if he follows his usual practice of giving into Obama and working with the Democrats. Instead of leading the House majority that was given to him in the last two elections, Boehner has decided to join Team-Democrat: “Cruz, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, contended that Boehner cut a deal with House Minority Read more […]

Will Conservatives Capitalize on Boehner’s Resignation?

With John Boehner’s resignation, House conservatives got their wish. The question now is what they’re going to do with it. The members of the House Freedom Caucus have the broad outlines of a plan — unify behind their fellow conservatives who have the best shot of securing a leadership position, and, in a sign that headaches over a potential government shutdown are not over, keep up the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said he imagines conservative members Read more […]

White House Slams Report Revealing Weak Obamacare Enrollment

White House officials have slammed The Daily Caller’s report that Obamacare has reduced the number of Americans with commercial health coverage by roughly 2.5 million. The report is “embarrassingly deceptive,” said a Jan. 2 tweet from Jesse Lee, director of progressive media and online response at the White House. Lee reacted after TheDC’s article was highlighted by a tweet from the office of House Speaker John Boehner, about the increasingly unpopular health law. “It’s official: Read more […]